Connector Fusion Splicer Core-Alignment   

bulletcompact, lightweight, for all applicable fibers including ultra bend-insensitive fibers
bulletapplicable for Splice-on-connectors with SOC holder
          FC/SC/LC from Seiko Giken and E2000/F3000 from Diamond
bulletdisplay user interface for easy use
bulletintegrated 1 or 2 batteries: 80/200 splice- and heat cycles
bulletrubber protection corners make this unit very rugged and robust
bulletfast splice (7 sec) at super low loss
bulletfast heating (25 sec) by using Semi-auto mode
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bullet Fibercleaver     
bulleteasy handling:  close - push - ready
bulletcut the fiber in one step
bulletCleaving angle 90 +/-0,5
bulletWaste fiber deposits automatically into a
          collection chamber
bulletfor single fiber and fiber ribbons
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bulletHandsize Fusion Splicer - V-groove     Neu !!!    
    FUR-S123  for different applications
     also for ribbon fibers and splice-on-connectors


bulletFor FTT-H and datacom splicing
bulletSimpler than ever
bulletSM and MM
bulletAverage loss: SM 0,05dB; MM 0,03dB
bulletFully automatic in 13 sec
bulletColour LCD monitor
bulletwith integrated oven


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bulletHandheld OTDR  M210       Neu !!!    




bulletSize 230 x 110 x 70mm
bulletActive colour display
bulletDistance: SM up to 208km, MM up to 32km
bullet3 types available: SM - 1310/1550nm and MM - 850/1300nm
                                    SM + MM - 1310/1550nm + 850/1300nm